Research Pitch Battle winners

Winners of Research Pitch Battle 2019: Franz Heuchel and Diego Caviedes-Nozal, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – DTU

“The jury found all three projects of the research pitch battle very qualified and at a high academic level. The jury wants to congratulate all participants with jobs well done, but only one project can win the contest.

The jury agreed that the Sound Field Control for Outdoor Concerts, presented by Frantz Heuchel, earned the price for a robust underlying research, a comprehensive field evaluation and for providing audio- and video documentation for the concept in question. Furthermore, the jury appreciates Frantz Heuchel’s and Diego Caviedes-Nozal’s effort in terms of making the concept ’scalable’ and demonstrate impressive results with a minimum of measuring microphones. The concept – if realized – will benefit lots and lots of people being exposed to outdoor concerts.”

Chairman of the Jury, Joel Beilin, Global Audiology Consulting.

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