The new setup for Danish Sound Network

As a consequence of the expired public funding from the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Support (Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation), the network’s steering committee has decided to continue the activities in a newly registered legal body called ‘Klyngesamarbejdet Danish Sound Network’ (Danish Sound Network will still be the common name of the network). The new Board of Directors has already made agreements with Sound Hub Denmark on the financing and operation of the Danish Sound Network secretariat in 2019. A knowledge partnership has been signed with Aalborg University, which will contribute with resources within the areas of knowledge and innovation.

New organization, but still the same activities
The secretariat has for the first 10 years been located at DTU Compute in Lyngby, but from now on it will relocate to Sound Hub Denmark in Struer. Kristian Krämer, who previously was Head of Projects and Internationalization, becomes the new Network Manager and responsible for the secretariat. The secretariat will still be the natural focal point in relation to member contact, communication, matchmaking, events and internationalization. Rebecca Engberg, who has been part of the network since the very beginning, has decided that with the restructuring in good progress, it presents a good time for her to pursue new personal challenges outside of “Danish Sound Network”. We thank her for her dedication and important assistance in making “Danish Sound Network” a successRebecca will help with the transition to the new setup and then slowly transfer to other responsibilities at DTU.

Development of new strategy and sustainable financing model
In addition to continuing the current networking activities, efforts will also be made to develop a new strategy that ensures a sustainable financing model for the network in the future. The Board of Danish Sound Network, chaired by Søren Bech, B&O, and Vice Chairman Nikolai Bisgaard, GN Hearing, has initiated the strategy process that will involve the network’s members in the development of a sustainable Danish Sound Network.

“We simply need your ideas on what the future network should look like. New activities that support the members’ needs must be developed, but we also need to develop new financing models for a more sustainable network”,
– Søren Bech, Chairman of the Board.

If you already have specific ideas for new networking activities, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.

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