Today it is exactly one hundred years since the Danish-developed speaker made its commercial breakthrough

What if the loudspeaker had never surfaced? A loudspeaker-less world would be a true nightmare to society of today. No radio, no TV, mobile phone, headsets, computer games, big concerts, hearing aids, many alarm systems, buzzers in household items, etc. A modern society could hardly exist without. But 100 years ago loudspeakers did not exists until Danish-American Peter Laurits Jensen, son of a poor fisherman from Moseby on the island of Falster, Denmark, and his slightly older American colleague, Edwin Pridham, from Iowa, invented the modern loudspeakers. Today, most families possess a huge number of loudspeakers, possibly between 50 and 100 speakers in applications of our homes and cars, and many more have been discarded over the years due to new applications or e.g. just nicer speaker system designs.

Birger Schneider has written an impressive article about the speaker’s commercial breakthrough. Read it here…

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